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Herbal Cocktail Trend

Opium Sour
Opium Sour
©2010 Dean Azim Photoworks.

Herbal medicine comes in many forms: herbs, teas, capsules, tablets, extracts, and even cocktails? Recently a woman in the Chinatown of Vancouver, Canada began incorporating Chinese Traditional Herbs in cocktails [see article here], but now this trend is taking root locally. Every Thursday from 2 to 7 p.m., Trudy's even features herbal remedy cocktails.

According to Chance Robertson, an operations manager at Trudy’s who designed some of the chain’s drinks, the herbal cocktails were introduced in April 2010 more for the taste than any medicinal or healing value.

“Aside from the ‘I’ve been at work all day and need to relax’ ailment, I'm not sure what these drinks may cure,” said Robertson. “They are really good for that and the, ‘It’s a beautiful day and I want to relax on a patio and kick back’ sickness.”

An extended version of this article will be available in a future issue of HerbalGram.