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Herb Kent's Induction into the Broadcaster's Hall of Fame

On May 30, 2010 Chicago’s very own Herb Kent “The Cool Gent” celebrated another milestone in his illustrious 65 years as a Chicago Radio Disk Jockey. He was inducted into the Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame, and it wasn’t his first time but his second Hall of Fame induction!

Herbie Baby, as he is affectionately known, was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1995. “And, in another five years there will be another one,” Kent said in an interview with’s featured roving reporter “Lady Ro”. 

Take a look at a few of the pics and share in some of the fun we had at Mr. Kent’s induction into the Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame.

You gotta check back in a minute for Lady Ro’s full interviews with Herb Kent and some of the people who love and cherish him. Especially Holly “Thee” Maxwell.


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