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Herb Guide: The Benefits and Uses of Kelp


Kelp (Laminaria species) is the seaweed most commonly found wrapped in sushi or floating in miso soup.  The Chinese and Japanese have been reaping the benefits of this sea vegetable for centuries, and today it comes as a supplement which can be purchased by capsules or in powder form. 

Used for Underactive Thyroid

The iodine in kelp helps to trigger the thyroid action in a safe and healthy way.   Kelp is also used as a weight loss supplement because of it's ability to activate the thyroid, which is linked to metabolism. Those with hyperthyroidism should not take Kelp as a supplement.

Rich in Minerals

For anyone lacking minerals kelp is suggested because of the numerous active minerals found in the seaweed.   These minerals also help protect bones and stimulate hair growth. 

Reduce Tumors and Lumps

Kelp is used all over the world to aide in the reduction of cancer lumps and inhibits the growth of tumors.  Japan's low breast cancer rate is said to be accredited to the excess Kemp in their diets. 

Kelp is a very safe supplement to take, but remember to check the level of iodine in supplements.  Excess iodine can lead to hyperthyroid and cause breakouts on the skin.  Kelp eaten as a food is the most safe and efficient way to reap its benefits. 

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