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Herb and vegetable gardens, where are they popping up now

2014 garden pictures ~ Radish Harvest
2014 garden pictures ~ Radish Harvest
Kristie Jones

For more than 30 years many chefs at hotel restaurants have bought their vegetables and herbs from local grocers, specialty shops, or farmers to maintain the quality and fresh taste of their gourmet meals. Eating at hotels can be a delight and quite expensive for families today. Prices are rising in everything we as consumers use on a daily basis, from apples to zucchini, just in time for the holidays and summer break.

The recent trend is for a hotel to offer a garden space for truly fresh and organic vegetables. Having your own garden you will not waste as much fresh food, as you can just pick what you need, when you ned it. People tend to buy more fresh vegetables and fruits, letting them sit around to long or storing them incorrectly, forcing the fresh fruits and vegetables to go bad. Organic has become a high demand item with consumers and prices have been driven up in the past few years by numerous reasons.

Growing your own garden, regardless of where it is, is extremely beneficial and fun to everyone involved, even the bugs!

  1. Gardening attracts beneficial insects, who help vegetables grow bigger and better.
  2. Provides the gardener with exercise for the body and mind, also when out in the sun your exposed skin will make vitamin D.
  3. People are healthier when eating fresh fruits and vegetables free from pesticides.

Next time you are staying at a hotel, look around to see if you can spot the chef’s garden outside the hotel, some establishments in bigger cities may have rooftop gardens, be sure to ask permission before exploring and maybe you can even get a tour!

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