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Herald Sun: ‘Obama is the weakest U.S. president for at least a century’

Malaysia's Reaction After 298 Crew And Passengers Perish On Flight MH17
Malaysia's Reaction After 298 Crew And Passengers Perish On Flight MH17
Photo by Rahman Roslan/Getty Images

The downing of the Malaysian airliner MH-17 over the Ukraine has shown the weakness of Europe and the U.S. on what to do and on Sunday, the Herald Sun of Australia reported that the west has made Putin into a monster and the weakness of European countries and the Obama administration is to blame for it.

Andrew Bolt of the Herald Sun said that it is Putin’s Russia that supplied those rebels with the necessary arms along with the BUK SA-11 missile launcher that is suspected of shooting down the commercial aircraft and that Russia may have been the one to supply the sophisticated SA-11 ground to air missile.

Various news outlets reported that the Ukrainian intelligence service intercepted phone calls that show militants and Russian military intelligence agents discussing the presence, location, and disposition of BUK surface-to-air missiles and that a plane was downed by one of their missiles.

The transcripts were profiled on Forbes on Saturday by Paul Roderick Gregory who said, “Russian propaganda will, of course, sputter in indignation that these recordings are fabricated, but they are, in my considered opinion, authentic. I reproduce them in full. Readers can form their own opinion.”

“They correspond to known facts I have already described–that surface-to-air missiles had been fired from this very area to bring down a Ukrainian transport plane days before, that a BUK missile had been sighted in the area by an Associated Press correspondent, and that the supreme rebel commander boasted on social media that his forces had brought down the plane which proved to be MH17,” said Gregory.

However, Bolt of the Herald Sun pointed out that if Russia thinks it can get away with it, it is because the West has let it get away with so much already. Australia was the first to sound the alarm on the weakness of the west and called out Russian President Putin for his faults while everyone else does nothing.

“When Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 and created two friendly breakaway regions, Europe and the US did nothing. When Russia this year snatched the Crimea from Ukraine, Europe and the US imposed only weak sanctions,” said Bolt.

“Obama weakened US support for Israel, pretended a terrorist attack on his Libyan consulate was just a protest against a film and pulled out too early from Iraq, surrendering it to jihadists… and he’s the man who warned Syria it would cross a “red line” if it used chemical weapons but then did nothing when it did.”

Bolt continued by saying, “When Russia then helped pro-Russian forces seize parts of Ukraine, the US still refused Ukrainian appeals for lethal weaponry to defend itself… and if Putin needed any more encouragement, he had only to look to the Middle East, which has exposed Obama as the weakest US president for at least a century.”

“Time the West found its strength again. Lives depend upon it.”

Meanwhile, Russian reporter Sara Firth who worked for the Moscow-based RT news station quit on Friday.

She told the British media trade magazine, Press Gazette that as soon as the downed Malaysian airliner story broke, “I walked into the newsroom, and they were running an eyewitness account of God knows who the person was blaming the Ukrainian government, and it is such a volatile situation. It's the level of disrespect for the facts that really bugs me.”

“I couldn't do it any more, we're lying every single day and finding sexier ways to do it,” Firth said.

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