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Her presence is revealed

In Kabbalah we seek meaning via the connections we find while searching through Torah for what speaks directly to us. It a movement in the mind that is captured by our intention and therefore we rise above in contemplation. It is also a method to find meanings via simile and through poetry which speaks in another kind of voice. In the following poem the Shekhinta is referred to as She appears in terms of those connections we make each day during our Torah studies and the prayers we recite.

Her presence reveals

In Her Place

Her place has always been the the backyard of the moon.
Where whispers and memories arise and swoon
And soft winds caress a haunting tune
Like a mid summer's day begins in June.

She entices you with words of connection
Which you in turn devise their reflection
To refine with their ultimate perfection
The ten channels up and down projection.

Feel Her as an inspiration flows
Or know Her when a blossom grows
Rejoice with Her because She knows
The sacred ways in which He blows.

Long long are the shadows of the night
And yet by morning all is put to flight
For She has guided you in all of your sight
To awaken unto holiness in all that is right.

"The Lord thy God walls in the midst of your camp...therefore shall your camp be holy," Devarim 23.15

"In thy presence is fullness of joy. Tehilim 16.11

"Cast me not away from thy presence." Tehilim 51.13

Everything that we do must be geared to one end and that is to bring back the Shekhinta from her exile. Every time we do this another connection is forged so that in time the myriad of connections established provide the pathways whereby Moshiach moves naturally into this world as if He were always here.

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