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Her confidence ingredient

Digital Life Design Women's Conference
Digital Life Design Women's Conference
Photo by Sascha Baumann

There are instances in business where experiences with confidence are less than lackluster. The key is a fast resolve in rebuilding your confidence. While building relationships, it's important to remember the focus is not on being liked. Business is about attaining expected outcomes in a competitive marketplace. Establishing mutual trust in business will stem from peers believing in your confidence.

The woman entrepreneur has a healthy level of self confidence and believes in her ability to engineer business performance. Self doubt can be common, but a confident business woman is able to put this into proper perspective. She does not internalize challenges that may arise, but uses them to better the business.

"By becoming on the outside who I needed to be in the moment, I ultimately became that person on the inside, too. I didn’t fully understand what I was doing, but I was resetting my future level of confidence. I was creating new thought patterns and beliefs by acting as if I had confidence. Winners and high achievers constantly battle with lack of confidence, but pushing through their fears and doubts is what separates them from wannabes. Living as if they already attained success is their secret formula", says Paula Pritchard, Network Marketing Specialist, about the early start of her career in network marketing.

With all that entails entrepreneurship, courage is a must. As the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) has documented, "Perceptual factors that reflect optimism, self-confidence, and reduced fear of failure are important predictors of women's entrepreneurship."

To drive business, you must lose your fear of being wrong. Remember that having confidence in doing something and getting it wrong is at least ten times more productive than doing nothing.

So don’t be too timid about your decisions. Don’t let someone intimidate you out of forward action. Entrepreneurship can be seen as an experiment. Either you will succeed or you will learn the next best step. Therefore, be confident.

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