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Henry Ford opines on the positive side of problem solving

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When people think of Detroit they think of the automotive industry which will inevitably turn to one of the Motor City’s most famous residents, Henry Ford.

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Many think of Ford as the inventor of the automobile. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although Ford was an avid inventor and admired other inventors, especially Thomas Edison, his inventions were process based – not manufactured products.

Ford’s inventiveness is as timeless as his ideas. He conceptualized the assembly line allowing cars to be made it more economically than in the past. He also introduced the concept of franchising dealerships as he developed a nationwide network to sell enough cars to keep his assembly lines rapidly moving.

Of course any process is prone to problems. Ford faced more than his share as he developed problem-solving skills to enable his assembly lines in franchise network to succeed.

The key element for him was to refine from trying to lay blame.

“Do not find fault, find a solution,” said Ford.

Leaders today need to heed these words as they face the bevy of problems that are going to be coming their way..

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