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Henry Cavill settles into Detroit for the filming of 'Batman vs. Superman'

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According to MLive on Jan. 28, it appears that Henry Cavill was spotted in Detroit settling in for the long haul. He anticipates working with Ben Affleck in "Batman vs. Superman" this spring and Cavill was even spotted at local pubs where fans took advantage of many photo opportunities.

Cavill apparently had rendezvoused with musician Mark Levin, video director Adrean Mangiardi, and a host of others at one of the local jaunts. Mangiardi did confirm with MLive that he did meet up with the "Man of Steel" hero actor at a place called the Imperial.

"My initial thought was 'Whoah, there's a guy just making a living as an actor. I've seen some his work - TV shows, things like that - but I didn't expect him to show up at Imperial! It was definitely unexpected, but nice. He seemed like just another guy enjoying the night".

Fans alike participated in photo opportunities with fans and their smart phones as their Twitter feeds went gangbusters in the cyber-world as numerous pictures of Cavill and his admirers were posted online.

There was even an IMDB entry online by a fan who confirmed Cavill's presence in Ferndale, Mich. Even he was able to confirm from Cavill that the wheels are in serious motion for "Batman vs. Superman".

"I wanted to reassure anyone who even remotely cares that MOS2 ('Man of Steel 2') is on like donkey kong," wrote the fan, with the handle Gjonnyboy. "I got the word from the man himself".

Zack Snyder's "Batman vs. Superman" has been rescheduled to be in theaters May 6, 2016.