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Henry Barlow for Highlands Ranch

Henry Barlow's biggest supporters. From the Highlands Ranch 4th of July Parade.
Henry Barlow's biggest supporters. From the Highlands Ranch 4th of July Parade.
Photo courtesy of Barlow 4 Highlands Ranch

Part of my job as the chair of House District 43 is to find a candidate to run for office every two years. I have been lucky in the last two elections as my candidate has found me. This year was no exception as Henry Barlow, who had no doubt been thinking about running for a while, decided to do so at our Democratic assembly in late March.

Henry and his wife Barbara are both former academics who moved to Highlands Ranch a few years ago to be closer to their son’s family and to have more time with their grandchildren. Barbara told me that their very first meeting was to support school board candidates at Coffee for Conservatives in 2011. That must have been a shocking introduction to Douglas County politics. They both dove right into life in Highlands Ranch becoming active with the Democratic Party, their HOA and other groups.

One of the more interesting facts about Henry is his knowledge of aging populations. At Cleveland State University Henry helped found an Interdisciplinary Gerontology program. Henry is also the state volunteer coordinator for the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare, a nonpartisan organization. Henry believes that keeping our seniors engaged in the community is the best way to have a healthy, thriving older population. With many seniors moving to Highlands Ranch, Henry’s expertise is vital to our community.

Like many folks in Douglas County, Henry is concerned with the state of the Douglas County School District. In both 2011 and 2013, Henry was a staunch supporter of candidates who challenged the current board. Henry believes that teachers should be respected; the school board should be transparent, and that parents and educators should work together to “determine best curricular policies and practices to prepare our children to participate fully in a world economy”.

Henry has a proven track record of working with others exemplified when he worked with a Catholic continuing medical education group (even though he isn’t Catholic) on issues ranging from moral and ethical concerns in health care to the child sex abuse scandal and even helped the group start a distinguished lecture series.

Henry has been out all summer talking to voters, learning their concerns and what issues they think their representative in the state legislature should be focused on. It is quite possible that he will be knocking on your door soon. It has been a long time since we have had anyone in the state legislature representing Douglas County who actually asked all the citizens, “What do you think?"

Henry Barlow is running for office because he wants all children to have a strong future while helping our seniors stay engaged. Henry wants to represent all of the citizens of Highlands Ranch and that is long overdue.

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