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Hennessy V.S hosts private dinner to celebrate Future's new album 'Honest'

Future celebrates "Honest" at STK.
Future celebrates "Honest" at STK.
Shareif Ziyadat, used with permission

From about midnight to 2 a.m. on April 24, was lucky enough to be on the scene for a very intimate and special gathering hosted by Hennessy V.S at the very trendy, meatpacking district restaurant, STK. The event celebrated Epic Records star Future's new album Honest, which hit stores Tuesday. Notables who joined Future at the event included Epic Records CEO, L.A. Reid, Power 105.1's DJ Clue, as well as several other executives from Epic.

Future was in great spirits during the dinner, taking photos with guests and rocking a big smile. He made a toast thanking everyone in the room for their tremendous support during the making of his album. We got the opportunity to chat with Future exclusively at the event. Check out what he had to say:

AXS: Tell me about your process for making this second album.

Future: Expect the unexpected that's what I do ... keep them on their toes, keep them interested. Because I know they thought I was going to do more singing songs or whatever, and they were trying to put me in a box, but you know what? That ain't even the case, you know what I'm saying? We ended up making a classic album, and the streets love it, the response has been crazy, all the day one fans, their reaction has been great. I couldn't have asked for more.

AXS: You had some surprise singles that people thought were going to be on the album, but didn't make it to the album.

Future: I'm just saving them for a better time, everything comes with time.

AXS: What do you think has been the growth for you between your first and second album?

Future: Mature. Just being more mature.

Guests enjoyed Hennessy V.S specialty cocktails and a four course meal. One cocktail that was popular was the "Hennessy Future," which consisted of Hennessy V.S, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry Juice and Lime. The "Honest" cocktail consisted of Hennessy V.S, pineapple juice and lemon. The "Hennessy Ginger," was made of Hennessy V.S and ginger. It was a night to remember. Stay tuned for more of our "Future" adventures!

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