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Hennessy celebrates the return of Carlos Beltran to the NY Yankees

Carlos Beltran is honored by Hennessy
Carlos Beltran is honored by Hennessy

Carlos Iván Beltrán is a professional baseball player from the island of Puerto Rico. Carlos has played for 6 teams including San Francisco, the NY Mets and now the NY Yankees. Carlos made his name by being a prolific switch hitter, with a combination of power and speed. He reach immense stardom when he signed a 119 million dollar deal to play for the NY Mets but from 2005 to 2011 his stay with the Mets was filled with injuries and he never performed equal to the huge contract. In 2014 Carlos came back to NY but this time with the almighty NY Yankees, due to his return to the empire state Hennessy honored him for all his accomplishment inside and outside the field with a dinner a Sofrito in NYC.

Carlos Beltran and Barry Larkin

Sofrito was full of energy and amazing food and of course great drinks provided by Hennessy. Barry Larkin, a hall of fame short stop was in attendance celebrating his birthday with Carlos, and both received a cake and sparklers as everyone sang happy birthday. I had a chance to speak with Carlos about his career, NY Mets fans, the Yankees and more…

What made you decide to come back to NY?

Well the Yankees needed a bat in the line up, and once Robinson Cano left to Seattle me and the Yankees were able to reach an agreement (three-year, $45 million deal). I’m very happy to be back in NY.

How do you feel about coming back to NY after your time with the NY Mets?

I really enjoyed the time I had with the Mets, when I was there I did the best I could. Coming to NY whether it’s the Mets or the Yankees, expectations are high and the fans expect to win, unfortunately we (NY Mets) didn’t win.

What does being honored by Hennessy mean to you?

For me I feel great being here with the fans and talking to you guys (media) for me it’s a great feeling to be here and I want to enjoy the night.

Explain to those who don’t understand why Hispanics excel and do well in Baseball…

Well we have passion; we are passionate at what we do. Dominicans especially do great in the major league. When you look at the statistics Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Latinos do very well in the major. At the end of the day it’s about pride, and representing your country.

Cotto has an up coming fight with Sergio Martinez, what round is Cotto going to knockout Martinez?

It’s going to be a good fight, Martinez is a good fighter but I want Cotto to win whether knockout or decision.

Is Cotto going to knock him out?

I hope so, but you never know boxing is an unpredictable sport.

You can see Carlos Beltran chasing his wild rabbit on most night as the right fielder for the NY Yankees. Here is a quick cocktail inspirited by Carlos Beltran called the “Beltran Blueberry Mojito” 1 part Hennessy VS, Simple Syrup, Blueberries, Lime, Mint and club soda.

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