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Hendrik Helmer's ear harbors a huge cockroach, doctor pulls out the dead insect

Hendrik Helmer may well have been the recipient of the largest cockroach ever to crawl into any human ear. Apparently, this Aussie was rudely awakened by a pain in his right ear. Realizing something had entered the canal, this enterprising man attempted to use his vacuum to suck whatever was in there out.

Meet a cockroach
Wikimedia Commons

Sadly, according to ABC Darwin on Jan. 10, this aggressive action simply made the pain from the cockroach worse, warranting immediate medical attention.

The insect was eventually pulled out of Hendrik Helmer's ear by a doctor after the critter died while still in the canal. This happened after the physician initially tried to coax out the creature by putting olive oil into Helmer's ear canal, an act that only caused the cockroach to burrow further inside.

By way of background, at first this brave man thought about what could had taken refuge in his ear and decided it was probably a poisonous spider. Wrong! It was a giant and not at all attractive cockroach that measured a full inch long. That's a big cockroach.

And so, as Hendrik Helmer's ear harbored a cockroach until a doctor pulled out the dead insect, Hendrik was in severe pain.

Then, after his adventure, this seemingly nonplussed Aussie who hails from Darwin returned to sleeping soundly without any further irritation. Meanwhile, others who live near by and who have heard his tale were said to have decided to don headphones or ear plugs to bed — just in case.

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