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Hendrik Helmer: 2-cm long cockroach pulled from man's ear

Hendrik Helmer had a cockroach pulled from his ear after it crawled inside while he was sleeping. According to a report, Helmer woke up with "agonizing ear pain" around 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday. At first, Helmer tried using a vacuum to suck whatever was in his ear out -- but that didn't work. In fact, it made the roach more angry and the pain in Helmer's ear got worse. He then decided to seek medical attention.

At the hospital, doctors poured olive oil into Helmer's ear which caused the roach to burrow deeper... however, the roach ended up suffocating to death which allowed doctors to easily get it out using tweezers.

Hendrik Helmer is okay following the incident. The dead cockroach measured 2 cm. It's unclear why the roach decided to nest itself inside of Helmer's ear... but the insects do like damp, dark places. It's unknown if other residents in the area have experienced any problems with roaches crawling in their ears but according to ABC Darwin, people are taking precautions.

"Friends have since told [Helmer] they were so freaked out by his experience they have begun sleeping with headphones on or earplugs in," ABC Darwin reports. Of course that makes a lot of sense, especially if you're in an area where roaches are prevalent.

Hendrik Helmer is still having some trouble balancing -- related to his equilibrium. He also says that he has some pain when he moved his jaw, but that is expected to go away in due time.

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