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Hendrick Boards: A company dedicated to animal welfare

A fun shirt designed to raise money for Sky, a dog left at a shelter.
A fun shirt designed to raise money for Sky, a dog left at a shelter.

Animal lover and entrepreneur, David Hendrickson, turned his passion for art and skateboarding into a successful company and fundraising champion for animal rescues nationwide.

Hendrick Boards was created in 2011, after a fateful day at a local animal rescue in California. David Henrickson was volunteering at the shelter when a sick five-pound chi-mix was brought in. The puppy had been poisoned while ingesting milk from his mother who had eaten household chemicals. David fell in love with the puppy and immediately began the adoption process, even though the puppy seemed like a lost cause. The veterinary bills were substantial for the college student, so David ended up quitting college and taking on three jobs so he could pay for them. His relationship and experience with his puppy, William, inspired David to create a company that could help more animals like him. With that, Hendrick Boards was born.

With the help of his brothers, Darren and Danny, David began creating and selling eco-friendly long boards made out of maple and bamboo. The unique boards are painted with natural stains derived from coffee grounds. The company also sells apparel and eco-friendly accessories.

Besides being an environmentally conscious company, Hendrick Boards goes one step further by donating twenty to forty percent of each purchase towards animal shelters. The store carries apparel with fun phrases like 'I Freaking Love Animals' and 'I Kissed a Mutt and I Liked it', each shirt raises money for a specific animal or rescue. Customers purchasing from the online store can take pleasure in knowing that they are contributing to a shelter in Hendrick Board's large nationwide network.

After only two years in business it appears that Hendrick Boards is successfully reaching their goal to help animals around the country find safe and happy homes and protect them from cruelty.