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Hendersonville man wanted for domestic assault

Cameron Allen is wanted in Hendersonville for domestic assault. Stormi Helm received mulitple stitches for injuries sustained during the attack.
Cameron Allen is wanted in Hendersonville for domestic assault. Stormi Helm received mulitple stitches for injuries sustained during the attack.
Stormi Helm

Sunday night, June 29, 2014, Stormi Helm, age 21, invited some friends over to hang out. Late in the evening, about 11pm, Helm and her friends were in the living room. Cameron Allen, age 24, while on the phone, said something to Helm that upset her enough that she told him to get out of her apartment. She told him repeatedly, about seven or eight times. When he got off the phone, he refused to leave. Knowing Helm had undergone surgery the previous week, he pushed her into the TV, causing it to break. Helm, standing merely 5’3” tall, tried to hold him away from her so he couldn’t hit her again. Allen, standing approximately 5’9” effortlessly picked her up and slammed her onto the floor. She scrambled to her feet and fled to her bedroom, but she didn’t get away. He grabbed her and hit her in the face continuously. Afraid for her life, she screamed that she was going to call the cops. At that, he and his friends fled the scene. The whole time Allen was beating her, his friends just sat there watching. None of them tried to stop him and get him off of her, or even said anything to try to dissuade further violence.

Helm then called the Hendersonville police. They took a full report and sent her to the hospital. She received a total of twelve stitches on her eye—seven inside her eyebrow and five outside. She, also, sustained a busted lip, broken nose and three chipped teeth. Thankfully, the incisions in her abdomen from the surgery were still in tact and not damaged at all.

Helm recorded a video the day after the attack and posted it on her Facebook page. In the video she addresses rumors that she said something mean to Allen that would warrant this attack. She also talks about domestic violence in general and states that “No man should ever, ever put his hands on a woman in rage—ever!” She fought the tears and overwhelming emotion as she recalled fear for her life. “I’ve never been to that point of thinking that my life is going to end. No one should ever have that thought come into your head by the hands of someone else.” She also addressed by-standers who watched and did nothing to stop the attack. “And the people who sat there and watched it are just as much of the problem as the one who did it.” She goes on to tearfully thank her friends, family and community for their love and support.

Cameron Allen has a lengthy criminal record and a reputation throughout the Hendersonville community. A number of women and teenagers, both boys and girls, have been threatened and victimized by him. WKRN reported in 2009, Allen, then 19 years old, and a 15-year-old friend, jumped and beat up a 13-year-old boy for no apparent reason at the Streets of Indian Lake, a popular outdoor shopping mall. The victim’s parents were in a nearby restaurant at the time. Allen was arrested at the scene.

Helm is doing well, all things considered. She is a very strong woman and an overcomer. Allen is in hiding. He has been active on Facebook, but has not been seen. Hendersonville police have a warrant for Allen’s arrest and ask if anyone knows his whereabouts, to please contact the Hendersonville Police Department at (615) 822-1111.