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Hemp skincare products light up the Seattle beauty scene

Hemp Seeds pack a powerful, nutritious punch and contains rich antioxidants, essential omega acids, fiber and protein.
Hemp Seeds pack a powerful, nutritious punch and contains rich antioxidants, essential omega acids, fiber and protein.
Photo by: Tartoon/Dreamstime

What’s all the Buzz about?

Hemp is a major contender in today’s beauty trends, and the very green and environmentally savvy Seattle is the perfect place to nurture this promising crop. Hemp has a notorious reputation. Illegal since 1937, this major crop is most well known for contributing to the cannabis sativa plant’s perfect high and giving people the munchies. Yet, the hemp plant alone is extremely healthy and resourceful. Fourteen states, including Washington, have now legalized the cultivation and study of industrial hemp, and the laid-back, health concious beauty scene in Seattle is booming with hemp-infused cosmetics and skincare lines.

Blushing Beauty Benefits

Hemp seed and oil contains super nourishing vitamins A, B, E and D, as well as calcium, fiber and iron. Ingrained in lip-glosses, face lotions, soaps and makeup, the nutritious ingredient permeates the skin, fostering hearty cell growth and creating an illuminating glow. Food Science instructor and herbalist, Trudy Swain, adds “Eating hemp seeds and using hemp products will make you look gorgeous on the inside, as well as on the outside. It helps your skin keep its youthful firmness, and the essential fatty acids help build collagen, which gives our skin elasticity.”

Because of hemp’s super beneficial qualities and remarkable effects, there’s no doubt we’ll see more hemp seed and oil products flourish in the health and beauty industry.

Seattle’s Secret Stash

Seattle is the mecca for homegrown, ecofriendly skincare and beauty companies. Major retailers like Nordstrom and Amazon sell hundreds of hemp-infused brands, but these small businesses represent Seattle’s passion and pride for natural ingredients and vigorous beauty trends, including hemp.

A staple in the city and the suburbs is PCC Natural Market, where almost everything sold is organic, local, natural, gluten-free or freshly made. Their selection of skincare products is quite impressive, and offers many hemp-based products from the best ecofriendly names brands in the business. For a delicious spin on lip balm, PCC sells Acure’s lip balm in dark chocolate and mint. This plant-based gloss is super moisturizing and contains shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils of peppermint, cocoa powder and organic hemp seed. To get that radiating glow, you might not even need to apply lotion or makeup. Just simply eating hemp seeds can help achieve a radiating effect. Try Nutiva’s Hemp Seed or Hemp Oil sold at most PCC markets. Sprinkle seeds over oatmeal, yogurt or add to protein shakes or use hemp oil in low-heat sautéed dishes or casseroles.

Dr. Jen’s House of Beauty, located on Capital Hill, is all about toxic-free, healthy skin science with a spunky, eccentric twist. All products are formulated using seasonal, natural and ecofriendly ingredients many that are made with hemp seed oils. Her skincare and beauty line, Atomic Cosmetics, is a collection of richly pigmented shades that creates the perfect palettes of modern and vintage. Dr. Jen’s skincare line Xerion, is also formulated with no chemical preservatives. Made with moisturizing and healing hemp seed oil and jojoba, Veronica’s Body and Hand Lotion is designed for the “on-the-go” kind of girl. For your man, Dr. Jen also formulated Dude Lotion, which is a quick-absorbing lotion treatment infused with hemp seed oil.

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