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Hemp Oil for Brain Fog

Hemp oil can help alleviate brain fog
Hemp oil can help alleviate brain fog

Encountering an individual who is enduring, or has endured, chronic late stage Lyme disease void of brain fog is rare. It is crushing, and if you ask a person to explain what it feels like whilst experiencing it, they simply cannot do so in a way that does it justice. The best way of describing it, in layman terms, is to say that it feels as if there is a concrete wall between your frontal lobe and forehead preventing your brain from retrieving or offering any coherent information. Simultaneously, it feels as if concrete blocks are scattered throughout your brain, thus preventing the very formulation of coherent thoughts. You cannot comprehend anything anyone says, because you cannot even so much as begin to comprehend the thoughts in your very own head. Your thoughts race everywhere and nowhere, strewn about in all different directions, with no finish line in sight.

To help those who have not experienced brain fog, or who are wondering if what they have experienced or are experiencing is indeed brain fog, let me offer a clearer definition of its symptoms from an outside perspective. A person experiencing brain fog displays one or more, but most often a combination of all, of the following symptoms: poor short term memory, poor mental stamina, difficulty comprehending new information or sometimes any information at all, thinking one word yet saying another and word search problems, causing an inability to find the appropriate words when speaking. When in this state, usually simple activities become immensely challenging and doing something as seemingly easy as watching a film or reading a short article is rendered extremely difficult at the least, which causes intense frustration within, and downright impossible at worst.

That alleviating brain fog is included among the benefits that one can potentially reap from the cannabis plant seems very much taboo to skeptics, and rightfully so. There is no question that when you are under the influence of a stealthy amount of cannabis consumption, your brain may feel less clear. However, we must take into consideration that although cannabis oil, hash oil, and all other cannabis products containing the psychoactive ingredient THC may cause brain fog immediately after use, hemp oil does not. On the contrary, supplementation with hemp oil has shown to alleviate brain fog. The psychoactive characteristics of cannabis are derived from a resin containing mostly THC produced mostly in flowering tops of female plants before the seeds mature. Hemp oil, which has zero psychoactivity, is derived from plants that initially contain relatively low levels of resin. By the time seeds are ready for harvest; their levels of resin have dropped even further. After harvest, the seeds are washed and then pressed, resulting in an end product containing zero THC. Hemp oil helps relieve brain fog because it contains the right proportion of a 4 to 1 ration of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.