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HEMA' Ronald van Zetten finally admits fault and extends apologies

HEMA' Ronald van Zetten finally admits fault and extends apologies

On Friday, reported that Ronald van Zetten, HEMA' chief executive, apologized for Yosra Aajir' wrongful detention by store security guards. Last week, Trigion security guards rushed into a HEMA fitting room and apprehended, what they believed to be, a 17-year-old who was shooting up on drugs. In reality, Aaijr had just had a mild diabetic seizure while she was shopping in the store. She immediately rushed into one of the department stores fitting rooms, lowered her pants to her knees and was preparing to inject herself with a diabetic injection pin.

Rumors have been spreading that the HEMA could possible have surveillance cameras inside of the fitting areas. Trigion security guards claim that they knew that Aaijr was 'shooting up' before they entered the fitting room.

"When I showed them [police] my [diabetes] medicine they said: 'This is probably just a trick, so that you can get out of jail faster. A lot of "allochtonen" [Dutch citizens, with one foreign born parent] do this'," said Aaijr. After police conducted a short investigation, they concluded that Aaijr was telling the truth and released her immediately. Because of this ordeal, family members of Aaijr told that she is suffering from nightmares.

On Monday, in response to Yosra Aajir' arrest, a Facebook page surfaced which is calling for a national boycott of HEMA department stores. There have also been a number of reported incidents of women being denied work at HEMA because they we were wearing a Hijab. Which is very strange, because the store sells Hijab'.

The HEMA posted their apology to Aajir on their Facebook company page. "Chairman Ronald van Zetten and HEMA extend their apologize too Yosra A. and all diabetic patients that feel that they are misunderstood because of their medical condition. HEMA' purpose is to handle every situation in a respectful maner and we are disappointing that this current situation is being misinterpreted," posted a HEMA spokesperson on their Facebook page.