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HEMA faced with national boycott after announcing international expansion

HEMA faces national boycott after announcing international expansion
HEMA faces national boycott after announcing international expansion

On Monday, reported that the Dutch retail store HEMA announced that it will be expanding to England and Spain, by the second quarter of 2014. HEMA' Chief Executive Ronald van Zetten disclosed the information last Friday, during an interview on the Dutch news program 'Nieuwsuur'. HEMA is a retail store and opened its first location in 1926. Currently, it has locations in all of the major cities, making it a staple brand within Dutch society. The Lion Capitol owned company also has locations Belgium, Germany, France and Luxemburg.

British financial website, This is MONEY reported last week that the investors of British retail store Marks & Spencer are planning on selling their shares due to loses that were inquired during the holiday season.

While Zetten was gloating over the stores international ambitions, 17-year-old Yosra Aajir had already been manhandled by HEMA store security guards, in their The Hague location. NLTimes reports that Aajir suffered a light diabetic seizure during her visit at the HEMA. After she gained her bearings, she headed into a fitting room for privacy. While in the fitting room, she lowered her pants down to her knees and was preparing to inject herself with an diabetic insulin pen. At the same time, two security guards rushed into the fitting room. They accused her of being a junky and wanting to shoot up on drugs inside the HEMA fitting room.

On Monday, in response to Yosra Aajir' arrest, a Facebook page surfaced which is calling for a national boycott of HEMA department stores. There have also been a number of reported incidents of women being denied work at HEMA because they we were wearing a Hijab. Which is very strange, because the store sells Hijab'.

Aajir was startled by the HEMA security guards that she discharged a small amount of urine. She also accuses the guards of banging her head against the wall, before they handed her over to the police. Besides accusing her of drug use, the HEMA security guards also accused her of vandalism due to the urine that she discharged. A doctor confirmed that Aajir had bruising on her arms, which he believes was caused by the HEMA security guards.

After being handed over to police, Aajir tried explaining her medical condition and showed her medication. They didn't believe her and Aaijr believes the said something along the lines of “This is just a trick to get out of jail faster. A lot of you 'allochtonen' (non-white Dutch) do this."After Aajir was released, a spokesperson from the The Hague police said that the case was dismissed.