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Helping your child choose a future

Help your kid decide what child is right for them.
Help your kid decide what child is right for them.
Kent Stoneburner

Let’s face it, tuition is not what it was when you were a college student! In fact, each year costs rise substantially over the previous year’s costs. It is now, once again, a difficult decision as to whether or not your or your child will be able to afford for them to go to college.

Do you remember hearing that in other countries that only the select few, those of upper status, were qualified to enter a higher learning institution? This always seemed like a load of garbage until recent years here in the United States.

Where we were once a governing nation, we now have public insurance and it seems more and more that only the upper class will be able to afford to send their children to college. Now this does not mean that others cannot make the decision, only that they may be paying from here until Kingdom Come for that tuition.

Whether parents get the loans or the kids attending college get the loans, the prices range annually from about $18,000 to $50,000 per year. Depending on the career that kids choose (if they take out the loans), they will definitely have to weigh that against the cost of the college to see if it is worth it to attend their college of choice or not.

Many more kids these days, if they do not get a scholarship or grant package or some sort of other financial aid, will choose to attend a two-year college before attending a university – for monetary purposes specifically. No longer are the days of frivolity where one can choose their alma mater based on things like their band or football team.

Parents need to help their children weigh all alternatives. They must also encourage them to get involved and to stay up with their studies. Kids that do well upfront will have a better opportunity at scholarships and financial aid when the time comes to need it.

Although it may be disappointing to kids, parents must discuss with them the fact that they have to weigh all alternative opportunities with affordability factors as a main concern. No one wants their kids to go through life behind the eight ball; in debt for their entire lifetime.

Discuss all possibilities. Explain alternatives such as trade school (not everyone is cut out for college and there is nothing to be ashamed of in that!). We all need electricians, plumbers, heating and cooling experts and the like to get us through life. Perhaps this is a better solution for your child. Discuss two-year institutions as a beginning before going into a more expensive four-year institution all four years. There are many possibilities and alternatives. Educate yourself before attempting to educate your child!

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