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Helping your child and their teacher

A classroom the day before school begins.
B. Payne

Parents often say they don’t have time to keep up with what’s happening in their child’s classroom or to help at the school. The reason is often the parent has to work during school hours. This doesn’t mean a parent can’t help or keep up with what their child is doing.
Parents can help teachers in classroom without spending hours there. Teachers have things they need done which a parent can do at home -- cutting, typing, gluing, all things the teacher may have to do at home. Because a teacher’s job often extends to his or her home, freeing up some of their home time, makes for less stress in the classroom. And don’t forget that shopping for the classroom helps a teacher also. If you can’t afford to donate some of the needed items, offer to pick up the things when you go shopping. They don’t mind reimbursing or giving the money upfront if you can save them the trip to the store. Remember to get a separate receipt for the teacher. They may need it for tax purposes.
Your child’s teacher wants you to be informed with what is happening in the classroom. An informed parent is beneficial to all three involved – the teacher, the parent, and the student. Most teachers are more than willing to arrange a form of daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly updates for the parent. Remember, teachers have a lot on their plate. Your child is not the only one. If they forget to send an update, gently remind the teacher with a note or email. Just as something your slip your mind, teachers are human and may also forget.
You don’t have to wait for your child’s teacher to contact you about helping or keeping up-to-date. A note from you will get the ball rolling.

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