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Helping your cat keep spruce

Cleanliness is akin to catliness
Cleanliness is akin to catliness
Karla Kirby

Cats are very clean animals. There are some cats whose white fur is always cotton ball white and black cats whose fur shines and shimmers from sheer cleanliness.
And then there are those cats require a little extra help keeping well groomed every now and then. Some cats either don't or won't groom themselves. Of course, there are those cases when cats can't groom themselves very well simply because they are overweight. Others don't or won't groom because aren’t feeling feel. There are also felines who indeed groom themselves but shed, shed, shed and there is fur on the rug, fur on the furniture, fur on your clothes and even fur floating in the air.
These cats just need a little help from you, but as you know most cats detest baths.
If you have plans on bathing your cat, it is best to begin bathing sessions while they are still kittens, if this is possible. This will help them become used to the practice and lessen the fear and fretfulness that frequently goes together with an older cat's first bath. Following are some more helpful tips for bathing your kitty.

1. Position all the essential items around your sink such as shampoo, plastic cups for rinsing, a brush, eye ointment, a clean cloth and a towel before getting kitty.

2. Make certain the air temperature is not too cool. You don’t want kitty to get a chill.

3. Fill up the sink with tepid water, and then add a tiny amount of cat-safe shampoo to the water.

4. Next, get a hold your cat and brush his/her coat methodically to eliminate any debris or loose fur in the undercoat.

5. Apply a little eye ointment to prevent soap from irritating your feline’s beautiful eyes.

6. Softly yet steadfastly hold your cat and submerge him/her until the water is at shoulder blade level.

7. Slowly drain the sink.

8. Tenderly rub the soap into your cat's damp coat and skin, and work the shampoo into lather. Be vigilant not to get the soap close to his/her head or face and use only a clean cloth around the face. Again, gentle does it.

9. While decisively holding your cat, fill the sink again. Gently place him/her back in the sink and rinse the soap away with lukewarm water. Use a cup or dish hose to rinse off the shampoo with clean. lukewarm water.

10. Finally, blot your cat's fur with a dry, slot towel. Take kitty out of the sink and place him/her on the floor or a counter top, and continue the drying process

11. Hold kitty in your lap for a while, letting him/her know what a good feline he/she is. Perhaps offer a nice, dry treat or two..

Be sure to talk to our cat in a soft, assuring voice as you bathe and brush her/him because she/he may be or become agitated. It's crucial that your cat doesn't look upon this necessary grooming as a dreadful experience.

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