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Helping your bones get stronger when living with Osteoporosis

Anyone can come down with osteoporosis men or women although women are more susceptible than men.

Weight Lifting can help build muscle mass and stronger bones
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Things you can do to help build stronger bones are:

Make sure to eat a healthy diet and consume calcium rich foods such as yogurt, cheese, milk, nuts, and sardines.

Limit your caffeine intake to two or three cups per day.

Do weight bearing exercises 3 or more days per week to increase your bone mass.

Walk 20 to 30 minutes per day 4 or more days per week to strengthen your bones and have an overall healthier body.

Run or jog to gain a stronger muscle mass and bone strength.

When cooking soup from animal bones add some vinegar to dissolve calcium out of the bones.

If you can not eat enough calcium enriched foods you can supplement your diet with a calcium supplement tablet but for it to help, you need to also take a Vitamin D supplement along with the calcium supplement because the Vitamin D helps your body to absorb the calcium.

Some things that promote calcium excretion in your urine are caffeine, salt, and protein. So be careful for overindulging in salty foods and protein rich meats.

You can buy prescription Osteoporosis medications at affordable prices online at: Canadian Pharmacy Meds or other online pharmacies.

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