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Helping the Homeless in San Diego

San Diego is often referred to the finest city in America, and with the great weather, diverse constituency, variety of activities, and the friendliness and warmth of many of those who call this place home, it isn't a wonder that it is called this. There is a side that is overlooked many times. There is a growing homeless population throughout San Diego. With the recent economic down turn a few years ago, many families have found themselves struggling to make ends meet. When ends don't meet, many of these families find themselves homeless.

According to the last point in time count of the homeless, San Diego had the 3rd largest homeless population in the United States. There are many organizations that provide services to help the homeless. These services range from providing meals and clothes, to providing shelter for the families. One organization that was recently started is Akhawaty Incorporated. Akhawaty Incorporated was started in the Summer of 2013 when its founder wanted to have a positive impact on the lives of the homeless. With a goal of making a difference, the organization started out with providing hygiene care packages to 50 homeless families, and has since had an impact on over 1000 homeless people. As the organization continues to grow, it encourages others in the community to join in helping the homeless. One of their popular projects is called "A Place at the Table". This project seeks to provide meals to the homeless, that is welcoming and consistent.

All who sincerely want to make a positive impact in the lives of others are welcomed to join Akhawaty's projects. Many of their projects can be attended by all members of the family. You are encouraged to visit Akhawaty Incorporated's website to find out more about the organization. It is indeed for a group of ordinary citizens to achieve extraordinary results.

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