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Helping teens fight against Hollywood's promiscuous culture

Liberty Counsel sees a problem. For years now, early teen sexual exploration has been glamorized/normalized by television shows and even by commercials and most certainly by current music and graphic movies. Thus, teens are encouraged in real life to emulate the faulty, short-version, "everything's cool" picture shown on screen.

Be advised it is not conducive to mental health to trade lifelong relationships for one-night stands.
royalty free

The problem is that teens need to develop themselves in mentally and emotionally stable, healthy ways before they take on the confusion of sexual relationships. For their own well-being and inner strength, they need to get a solid grip on who they are. That takes time found within their formative years as those years are the best years to find the value of focus and self-discipline.

Research shows that sexually active teens are more likely to suffer severe depression. It is also true that one in four of America's sexually active teens has a sexually transmitted disease. The cost of treating sexually transmitted diseases in the United States is $15.5 billion a year, funded largely by taxpayers. Source

Again, teens should spend their formative years finding out most deeply who they are before they experience the confusion and responsibility of sexual relationships.

With so many things in life to learn about, be it sports, science, a treasury of various music classics, woodworking, a particular branch of history or culture, friendships, church activities, art, literature, debate, dance, gourmet cooking, drama, nature, animals, growing orchids, language, politics, or any natural interest, it doesn't have to be too difficult for every teen to find a passion of their own on which to give special concentration.

Valentine's Day marked as Day of Purity

To counteract the seduction posed by media influence, Liberty Council with the support of other organizations, has for the last ten years been sponsoring a Valentine's Event called "Day of Purity." Through this event, traditional morals are honored and uplifted.

The Day of Purity is intended to give a united opportunity to be politically uncorrect against a culture of moral decline. Rena Lindevaldsen, International Coordinator for the Day of Purity, explained,

“The consequences of sexual promiscuity among youth are devastating. More than 3 million American teens are infected each year with sexually transmitted diseases. The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate of developed countries, and teens account for 20 percent of the 1.3 million abortions performed each year in this nation. These problems result directly from the failure of our society to offer clear moral guidance. We encourage students to choose sexual purity to drown out the persistent message of sexual promiscuity promoted through television, the internet, movies, video games and even in some school sex education programs. Youth who have already engaged in sexual activity can make a fresh start on the Day of Purity. Students are sending a message to their friends, parents, churches, communities, legislators, and the media that it’s time for a positive change in the culture.” Source

Comment from Mat Staver, Founder, Liberty Counsel:

“I am stunned by the cultural pressures put on young people today to trade lifelong relationships for one-night stands. Sadly, many young people feel isolated in their decision to wait for marriage. Day of Purity is standing in this gap and encouraging their choice to stand up against cultural expectations and to strive for something superior.”

Interested? Click here for 'Day of Purity' Facebook page.

From 2013: Hundreds of schools to join 10th annual Day of Purity on Valentine’s Day

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