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Helping teachers succeed

When we teach our kids right, everyone wins!
When we teach our kids right, everyone wins!

While the price of school supplies can be outrageous and some schools require specific items that cost a great deal more than others, teachers actually spend a great deal of their pay stocking their classrooms with learning supplies and school supplies that are all used up, forgotten or cannot be afforded by some families.

Every year teachers spend more than $1 billion buying supplies to stock their classrooms. In addition 67% of teachers are also buying basic food items for students that forget their snack or come from families that are too economically challenged to be able to afford snacks. Teachers realize that many children want to learn, but without the proper nutrition, their brains don’t function correctly.

Thankfully there are organizations established to help teachers. One such organization is Their goal is to partner with today’s teachers to ensure that all students have what they need in order to be successful in school. has a current partnership with Quaker Oats. Quaker is a long-standing company that understands the importance of helping fuel both health and wellness in our schools. Besides the necessary, Quaker sees beyond the fascia and realizes the role that so many teachers play in supplying their students with basic tools and nutrition that will help them succeed in school and in life.

Together, these two great organizations aim to help teachers help students to reach their potential. By going online and making a donation to, you may just be helping your child in many ways, too.

Showing your child what it is like to give is a great gift. Teaching them that not everyone is the same and that allows for a diversified world is also beneficial. Letting them participate by entering their zip code and showing them that by doing so, they are supporting their teaching right within their own community lets them feel as though they have done something special to help out.

When you logon to the website, you can make a donation to in-need classrooms right in your community or in any community throughout the United States. Once you do, teacher will be able to use the funds to buy supplies online from a number of partner vendors listed.

You will be glad to realize that 100% of all donations made to this site go directly to classroom teachers. There are no lingering costs otherwise.

To date Quaker Oats and have raised $21 million. This will help students get the resources they need to succeed in school and help teachers save some cash.

So, parents, please help give teachers a hand. Let them earn a living the same as you and me. Help them to save that average of $1,000 per year of their own hard-earned money by logging on and giving. You never know, you may just be helping your child by doing so! Logon today to and see how you can help!

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