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Helping people who have an alcohol or a drug problem

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College Of San Mateo, in Northern California, has a course called Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Certificate Program.

It is a program where you learn how to help people who have an alcohol or a drug problem. To earn your certificate, there is a series of courses that you must take on how to work with people to help them with their problem of alcohol or drugs.

Sixteen students, who were in the program, earned their certificate. There were students that never graduated high school, student who have college degrees, and students who just wanted to help people.

After earning their certificates, many are on their way to earn their AA Degree. Then if they wanted to, they could go for a BA Degree and a Master Degee.

Approximately, eighty to one hundred people were in attendance: family and friends spending an evening celebrating the achievements of the graduates.

"It was a hard program for me. Several times I wanted to drop out, but my instructors pushed me along. Now I have finished the program and I have my certificate." She went on to say, "I just need several more units, which I will get next semester, and I will have my AA Degree."

"Getting my BA Degree was much easier then getting the certificate." a student said, as she was looking at her certificate.

Many of these students--who have a family at home--went to night school just so that they would get the certificate]; in other words, they felt a need to help people who have an alcohol or a drug problem.

Therefore, congratulations to the students who earned their "Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Certificate."