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Helping obese children become healthy

mmmm, grease!
mmmm, grease!

"Your mama is so fat; when she goes to a restaurant she looks at the menu and says ‘okay'!" A lot of parents grew up hearing and even saying jokes like the above. That was when there may have been that one chubby girl in class and everyone else was lean mean active machines.

Now, you're more likely to hear, "Your son is so fat even Bill Gates couldn't pay for his liposuction!" A child being overweight is now a much more common thing. Look around the grocery or at the restaurant next time you're out and about.

It can easily happen with the busy lifestyles parents have these days. Many parents work full time and it is a lot easier to pick up some drive-thru cheeseburgers than it is to plan and prepare a healthy nourishing meal. Add the fact that a lot of children prefer playing video games or browsing the Internet rather than playing tag outside.

The fact is the children that are obese are going to have a load of health problems the older they get. If you do have an overweight child, take interest and help them lead healthier lives. Take baby steps and start at home.

Limit the electronic activities and omit the sugary snacks and replace them with fruits or yogurt. Sure, donuts are great for a fast breakfast on the go, but there are many other alternatives. Fruit and cheese for instance. Slice up an apple and throw some cheese chunks into a sandwich bag and there you go. Limit take-out to one dinner a week.  Instead of having pizza delivered, buy a frozen one. Not only would that be better for your wallet, but if you eat two slices you'd be saving over 200 calories.

Remember, take baby steps. Do not try and make drastic changes in one day. Start with the easier things like food choices and then gradually work them up to running a marathon. Okay, that's pushing it, but read about obese children and heart problems here.

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  • Merlyn: Natural health Examiner 5 years ago

    I really like this article, it is telling the truth. Kristie I have an article on teaching your child to be healthy I wrote for child health awareness day. I would love it if you could link to it from this page in the More about: section at the bottom of your article. I would of course link to your page here from my article: "Teach your child how to be healthy on Child Health Day '09" Please get back with me if you would help me and would like the extra traffic!

  • Kristie 5 years ago

    Absolutely. I added a link for you. Thank you.