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Helpful Tips for Cigar Users


Cigars are the best way to enjoy a laid-back evening with friends. Besides smoking a stogie is a mark of dignity and only a cigar lover can carry a cigar well. Here are a few tips for both novice and experienced cigar smokers to follow so that they can make the most of their dearest cigar brand.

Smoking a cigar is an adventurous experience for a first timer and also a symbol of class and stature for a veteran smoker. But there are a few do’s and don’ts that must be followed by every cigar smoker. The following cigar smoking tips can prove useful for cigar smokers of every age and this list is handy for the tips are simple to follow and effective as well. Besides aspiring cigar connoisseurs can also follow these tips to make the most out of their very first stogie. Here are the tips that every cigar smoker must follow:

1. While smoking a cigar one must not inhale the smoke. This is because cigar smoke is harmful and contains toxic substances that are harmful for the lungs.
2. After buying a cigar, one must get rid of all the cellophane and other packaging labels. These cigars must be placed in a functional and well maintained humidor for at least a few months before indulging into them. The main reason behind aging a cigar is that old cigars taste better!
3. One must never store back a partially smoked cigar into a humidor. It is best to finish it completely or just get rid of it.
4. Cigars taste best with appropriate drinks. This can be done by selecting a drink that does not get overpowered by the flavor of a cigar.
5. Cigar companies also manufacture premium handmade cigar cutters. These cutters must be used to cut the cap off a cigar stick. One must never bite the head off for the end stays uneven and destroys the make as well as the taste.
6. A finished cigar must never be snuffed out. After finishing a smoke, the cigar should be left burning in the ashtray and the cigar will extinguish by itself automatically. This technique prevents a foul odor from coming off the cigar.
7. One must be experimental while choosing a new cigar. This can be done by buying cigar samplers from online stores. These bundles are inexpensive and contain some of the best hand rolled stogies. Best part is that they are chosen and grouped together by cigar experts.
8. Cigars must never be stored in a refrigerator. This is because a cigar must stay moist and a refrigerator would make them dry; humidors are the best place to store them.
9. A cigar’s length and diameter is related to it’s intensity. So a novice cigar-smoker should go for a longer and thinner cigar for these have a cooler smoke. Small stubby sticks are meant to be smoked by veteran smokers.
10. After buying a cigar one must check it’s quality by squeezing it slightly for no lumps inside. Moreover the tobacco at the end of a stogie must not be discolored. Discolored wrappers are also a sign of badly stored cigars.
11. Only 100% tobacco cigars deliver the best taste.
12. Based on the shape and size of a cigar, they are classified into several groups such as Churchill, Corona, Pyramid, Robusto, Torpedo, Panatelas, Culebras, Diademas and Perfecto.

Smoking a cigar is the fun part and to make the most of this experience one must make sure that the above tips are followed. Besides, cigars are meant to be enjoyed leisurely so one must take out an hour or two from their busy schedule and keep it aside for socializing with friends accompanied with a glass of fine wine and a hand blended stogie.

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