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Helpful social media tools to market your wedding or party planning business

In today's technologically advanced society one of the best ways to promote yourself as an up and coming new wedding and/or party planner is by utilizing your social media outlets. Not just for fraternizing with you best friends and checking out the latest scoop on your favorite celebrity, social media like Facebook can be an essential part to growing your business, when used correctly.

Marketing tips on how to promote on social media.

But knowing how to promote, drive and grow your business on Facebook takes more than just creating a business page. It take time and the right tools to use a Facebook business page wisely. Constant Contact has made a video showing the six tools that you need to take your Facebook business page to the next level which are:

  1. Using your existing network.

  2. Finding ways to it easier for customers to find you.

  3. Making the page shareable with everyone.

  4. Connecting your page with other social networks.

  5. Going beyond online by promoting the page off-line,

  6. Taking the conversation to public events and to anyone who will listen.

It's actually a lot easier than it sounds! By increasing your social visibility you are ensuring that your business name gets out there which in turn will lead to more business and isn't that what any new (or old) business owner wants?

Getting into the wedding and party planning business may be tough at first but once you arm yourself with the right tools (like this one and many more from Constant Contact) you'll see that using social media outlets to network can be beneficial.

For this and more video tips from Constant Contact visit their YouTube channel at or their website at

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