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Helpful Pinterest tips for small business marketing

An example business page on Pinterest.
An example business page on Pinterest.
Shel Moore of Moore Than SEO

Pinterest is a very popular platform because it enables its members to categorize and classify just about anything on a virtual pinboard. This visual format was quickly adopted by a range of creative professionals, crafters, Moms, savvy businesses, and even DIYers. As the Pinterest momentum continues to grow, more and more people will establish a profile on this network and find that it fulfills a truly unique purpose for brainstorming, collecting information, and even collaborating on creative ideas and projects. For anyone interested in getting their business page started in Pinterest, the following tips are certain to be helpful.

1. Complete a business profile completely and don't forget to verify the website. Make certain that a business profile page includes a logo, branded username, about you text, location, and website link. Integrate one to two relevant keywords into the descriptive text to make sure this information is optimized for search.

2. Create relevant boards that correspond with target keyword phrases. Think of subjects that are important to the business' target audience and create boards focused on these topics. Try to work related keywords into the board titles to keep the business page as optimized as possible.

3. Interact with true engagement to populate each optimized board with relevant pins. Reference useful online resources, videos, downloadable documents, images, and more. Re-pin a combination of relevant user pins as well as create new pins that reference a business website post, related infographic, or other helpful page.

4. Some boards should be strictly for fun. Every serious business needs to show a fun side too. When setting up a business Pinterest account, make sure to mix up the pinned content to display a bit of humor. For example, create a board for Funnies, then post funny memes, jokes, and quotes to it. Another general subject that's pretty popular on Pinterest is themed around vacations and get-aways. Although these boards will not be directly related to a business' interests, it's easily relatable and helps to create moments of serendipity that appeal and attract new followers.

5. Make certain the business website is "Pinnable". Download and install the code to integrate a business' Pinterest account right on the company website. Feature "Pin It" buttons at the top of popular web pages and be certain to include optimized images on posts of interest that will automatically be found when a visitor attempts to pin content of interest. More help on this subject can be found in the Pinterest help center here.

Try to step into a customer's shoes to see how different board subjects may appeal to them. Provide useful information and problem-solving for common challenges and a business account will build over time, gaining valuable followers. Keep this content fresh by adding new pins and re-pins each week. Don't forget to also engage by commenting on other's pins and indicating favorites. Over time, a business Pinterest account will gain interest and awareness with regular participation.

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