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Helpful hints for weight management

A group of women show their love their theirselves and support for fellow women.
A group of women show their love their theirselves and support for fellow women.
Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images for AHA Go Red for Women

It is no secret that most women struggle with their weight sometime in their lifetime, but there are ways to keep one step ahead. Managing weight it not only a physical challenge but a mental one as well. It takes endurance, will-power and a good support system within yourself.

If you are struggling with staying at a healthy, reasonable weight try light cardio. Regular cardio often burns too many calories in a short amount of time making you extra hungry, and prone to over eating. If you stay somewhere between 50-60% of your maximum heart rate you are still burning enough calories to see a change but not too many to make you want to eat everything in your pantry.

To find you maximum heart rate take 220 and subtract your age. If you were 30 years old your maximum heart rate would be 190, then take that number and figure out what 50-60% would be. Again if you were 30 years olds you should keep a heart rate of 95-114 beats per minute for a light cardio workout. Keep your heart rate up for 30 minutes by doing a brisk walk with hills or a light set of hand weights. Biking is always a great cardio workout that you can customize to your own needs or try a Pilates class (or buy a DVD). A good investment is a heart rate monitor; you can buy these at any of your local sports shops (MC Sports, Dunham’s, Playmakers, ect.) it is a wonderful tool in your success of weight management.

Once you have decided on your exercise routine it is time to take a look inside. First rule of thumb is to make sure your goal is reasonable. Often too many people create a goal that is unattainable for them. Listen to your body, and pay attention to how it reacts with your workout routines and the food you consume. Weight loss and management is different for everyone and one workout routine might get you better results than another one.

Second rule of thumb, ALWAYS have a goal. If you have successfully reached a goal you have set, immediately create another one. Having goals keeps you motivated and wanting to work harder. Often times people create a goal and once they have reached it they slowly slip back into their old routine; keeping a stream of new and challenging goals will keep you up and moving and your weight management under better control.

Keep in mind that weight management is not a fad or a phase but a life style change. Being healthy and staying healthy doesn’t just happen, it takes hard work, determination and the understanding that not everyday is going to be the perfect day. You’ll have days where working out just isn’t going to happen, or you eat a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. The key is to not let that down fall lead to more, let it be a bump in the road, an experience you learn from and get over it, because tomorrow is always another day and you will never reach your goal in one good day but in an accumulation of good and bad days.

But the most important part of weight management is your belief in yourself. You can do it, and you will. Wake up every morning with that determination and you will go to bed a little closer to your goal.


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