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Helpful cancer information resources

Your cancer examiner frequently emphasizes the importance of researching and reviewing information relative to your disease and treatment options. In the internet age, there is no shortage of information available to cancer patients and there caregivers. Traditional sources of information such as medical articles, periodicals, and journals remain available to patients. Additionally, there are numerous patient, advocate, medical center, and non-profit websites providing useful information online.

Search for reliable sources of information about cancer.
Scott Seaman and Charlene McMann

Today, it is relatively easy to conduct online searches to obtain important information about the type of cancer you have, the treatments, the studies, and results. This will help you to learn about doctors who are writing, speaking, and researching areas of interest and those who are quoted or cited in the area. It also will provide you with information about your disease, treatment options, coping with side-effects of cancer and its treatments, and general information on wellness. This will arm you with information to discuss with your physicians and questions to ask your doctors. Please do not use the information to launch into self-diagnosis.

It is important to evaluate the information and the source of the information. You need to consider the reliability of the source, any bias or financial interest, the foundation upon which the information is based, whether the information is current, and whether and to what extent the information is corroborated.

Sometimes patients and caregivers participating in chat groups are a tremendous source of referrals as well as information on the disease. You have to remember that participants can range from flakes and phonies to serious people who are extremely knowledgeable, sophisticated, and attuned. The web can be a source of misinformation or incomplete information. Make sure you consider the reliability of the source and verify.

Here are a couple of reliable sources of information of interest to people impacted by cancer.

Chicago Blood Cancer Foundation:

American Cancer Society:

National Cancer Institute:

American Society of Hematology:

We invite you to reply to this article and share with us some sources of information that you find to be informative and reliable. Please include the source and the type of information provided.

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