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Help your nurse help you

Nursing Code
Nursing Code

Disappointment in quality of care mainly boils down to our definitions. One man's trash is another man's treasure, and so forth. In hospitals it's just the same. Patients expect a certain level of attention and compassion from nurses that is sometimes impossible. Nurses typically work long shifts and care for dozens of patients at one time, and though they are committed to making sure you are safe and comfortable, they are not always available to sit and chat.

Being in tune with your nurse is the first step to helping them help you; knowing the "secret code" if you will of nurses. If your nurse reminds you that you have a right to a second opinion that could be code for "I don't like/trust your doctor." On the other side, if you ask a nurse if they've "ever done this before," regardless of what it is, they will almost always say yes. Give your nurse their space, especially when they are getting medication ready and if the person drawing your blood misses the vein, ask for someone else.

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