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Help Your Heat Pump

Wear a dust mask when cleaning filters.
Wear a dust mask when cleaning filters.

With these June triple digit temperatures, heat pumps are running practically twenty-four hours a day .

You can lower your electric bill by using fans only in the area where you are. Fans do not lower the temperature. They only make you feel cooler. There is no point in them being on while you are not in the room.

Set the thermostat one or two degrees higher. Your heat pump will not work as hard, and with the room fan on, you will hardly tell the difference.  If you are hot take a shower before changing the thermostat.

Check your filters often. The slightest obstruction is major when your heat pump is working to overcome one-hundred degree temperatures. A dirty filter can cause the coil to ice up shifting the unit into defrost mode and producing no cool air.

Keep drapes and doors closed. Solar heat is really strong in the summer and can raise the inside temperature if allowed to enter the home

If the home is going to be unoccupied for a few days turn the thermostat to a few degrees warmer setting. Every little bit helps and it may increase the life of the unit.


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