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Help your children be organized for school

Homework Kit to help make homework easier for you and your child!
Homework Kit to help make homework easier for you and your child!
Lori VanNatta

If like Working Mom, you are not the most organized person in the world you probably often worry how to help your children be more organized.

Working Mom is thankful to have met Jill Annis of Simply Organized LLC of Madison. To call a person an incredibly valuable resource may not sound very personable, but when it comes to Annis it is meant with a great deal of respect and there was never a more honest appraisal!

In addition to coming to your home to help you get organized, Annis also teaches courses on a variety of organizational techniques for various areas of your home; has a website, which is overflowing with great ideas; and, routinely has timely tips on her Simply Organized Facebook page.

It was a recent tip on the Simply Organized Facebook page that precipitated this story.
Annis suggested assembling a homework kit for your school age children. The contents of the kit will vary for different age groups. For Zac's, Working Mom included loose leaf paper, pens, glue sticks and scotch tape, sharpies and a permanent marker, a stapler and staples, a calculator and scissors. It is likely before long, some of his favorite “ever-sharp” pencils will also be added.

In last August's newsletter, Annis concentrated on advice to help families get back into the swing of things for the school year. One of Annis' favorite mantras is the importance of routines. She accurately notes that routines are incredibly important to children who flourish with the stability of a routine and knowing what to expect.

To cut down on the need for constant reminders from Mom, Dad or a caretaker in the morning, Annis suggests having a list what a child needs to do taped to his or her dresser or mirror. She wisely notes that if a child is too young to read, you can use pictures for the list!

Annis also points out that the secret to keeping mornings running smoothly lies in the preparation the night before! She notes that backpacks can be packed, lunches made and items for after school activities readied the night before, as well as choosing clothing for the next day. In a dead giveaway to why she is the ultimate professional organizer, Annis notes that when she was young her father even poured his bowl of cereal the night before.

Check back for more school year tips in the near future and if you have ideas for stories you would like to read here, please comment below or contact Working Mom at her email, to which there is a link above!


  • Profile picture of kris
    kris 4 years ago

    Lori - I checked out the website for Simply Organized, it looks like a very useful site, thanks

  • Profile picture of jill
    jill 4 years ago

    Thanks Lori! I'm in denial about school starting this year!

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