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Help with cat food bills

You don't have to give me up
You don't have to give me up
Karla Kirby

If you are sincerely having trouble finding the money for your cat’s food, there are resources available to help you get it for free.

For some cold people, getting rid the family cat or cats are one of the very first steps during tough economic times. For the warm hearted, it's the last step. They will literally live in their compact car first. Either way, the cats are at risk or that’s serious stuff.

Felines get turned into shelters for a multiplicity of reasons, one of which is when people get into trouble fiscally. This, of course, leads to cats being killed when the shelters are filled to full capacity, when their short time is up. But for some people, giving up their cats is unthinkable, and many a national disaster showed the entire world that people will risk their own health and safety to save their beloved cat.

A Meals on Wheels program discovered that seniors who couldn't afford cat food were sharing their meals with their felines, and gladly putting their own welfare at risk. This need not be necessary.

Try contacting your local shelter, rescue group, a cat loving friend or the Humane Society. Many of these groups have special programs that distribute free cat food to those in need. The best place for your cats is with you, where they belong, so they will do what they can to help you keep your cats.

Some Meals on Wheels programs do offer cat food. Meals on Wheels found that cats are the only family some seniors have and cats do contribute to the health and welfare of these otherwise lonely people.

Word to the wise: If an apartment won’t accept cats—don’t move into the dump.

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