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Help Wanted - Just be sexy

A new type of job in Vegas has only one job requirement - Be Female, Be Hot
A new type of job in Vegas has only one job requirement - Be Female, Be Hot

If reality TV and our TMZ obsessed culture has taught us anything, it is that a pretty face is usually only good for about fifteen minutes worth of fame.  Generally speaking, good looks alone does not guarantee success.

Has a pretty face and a great body in addition to an amazing voice become a requirement for pop musicians? Generally, yes. 

Did Brad Pitt's killer looks help get his acting abilities discovered?  Sure it did. 

Would Barack Obama have received as many votes if he was 100 pounds overweight?  Probably not. 

Until recently, a person's good looks usually only accounted for a portion of his success, ability to obtain a job, or financial stability.  

Thanks to Vegas, the requirement of having good looks in addition to some other skill set has become a thing of the past. 

In its never ending quest to make money, Vegas has found a way to turn a lazy day at the pool into a revenue generating event.  Whether its at "Ditch Day Fridays" at the Palms, "Rehab" at the Hard Rock, or one of a dozen other weekly pool parties hosted by major Las Vegas resorts, entrance to your local hotel pool has never been costlier. 

$50 for pool-side access, $15 for a mixed drink, and $5 for bottled water now comes standard for an afternoon at Las Vegas' most happening pool parties.  Professional DJ's, wet t-shirt contests, and celebrity guests are all promotions Vegas is using to attract a younger and rowdier crowd to their afternoon pool parties. 

Never missing an opportunity to generate revenue, Vegas hotels have brought the night club experience to their guests' afternoon poolside visit. 

However, much like with night clubs, these hotels must find ways to strike a healthy balance between attractive women and men who are flush with disposable income.  No cover charge for ladies, two for one drink specials for the ladies, and free drinks for those wearing bikinis are all gimmicks currently being used by resorts.  

However, in the heat of summer when the ratio of men-to-women gets a bit to high, certain casinos simply hire hot women to 'hang-out' pool side.  Commonly referred to as 'pool-side props', we are witnessing a new line of shallow employment opportunities. 

In contrast to a sexy actress who must show some acting ability in addition to her beauty, this modern day sex symbol is required to have no skills other than the keeping herself thin and attractive.  

These are not professional dancers hired to entertain, these are not sexy hostesses who are required to possess customer service skills, these are not hot women hired because they know how to bartend or serve drinks... these are women who are hired to simply sit around and look sexy. 

Not that anything that happens in Vegas should be so shocking. However, is this move towards a total emphasis on looks just an isolated event in Las Vegas, or is Vegas a microcosm of our society as a whole?


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