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Help wanted, job applicants needed in Austin and across the country

Health Career
Health Career
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Check the online help wanted section for Seton Family of Hospitals, St. David's Hospitals, Scott and White Hospitals, and Cedar Park Regional Medical Center for careers and job openings. All of their websites are listed on the bottom right column of this article.

There were over a thousand openings at Seton, several hundred job openings at St. David's, Scott and White had 35 local (Austin area) openings, and Cedar Park had 20 job applications posted. These help wanted postings were mainly for nursing, but there are hundreds of other openings in related Health Sciences.

While these numbers don't sound spectacular compared to the millions of job openings around the world in Health Care, the big deal is that there are no people to fill these openings! Many hospitals are encountering zero job applicants when they post certain health care jobs. Many of these jobs require little or no training to get started. Some hospitals will even pay you to go get certified in some of these fields!

Why are so few people entering the job market for Health Science? It must be because all of the young people want to make the big bucks that other fields offer. The competition is fierce in those markets. Perhaps you should consider a good paying field that offers excellent job security instead.

Nursing and other health science careers such as laboratory science, radiology, respiratory, pharmacy, and physical therapy jobs offer a meaningful career. Patient care gives you a feeling of self worth. Doctors rely heavily on the health care team to heal the sick and infirm.

There is a huge career ladder in the health care field. You can enter the field as an assistant and work your way up to one of the CxO positions: Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Financial Officer etc. Housekeeping all the way up to the Medical Director of an institution are rungs on this ladder.

Just from looking at the job openings in the Austin area alone, you will see that there are unlimited openings world wide. People all over get sick. Trauma care is needed daily. People get old and need health care. This happens to all of us.

Once you are in the Health Care field, networking is inevitable. You will be in demand. People will take notice of the shining stars and will recruit you for higher paying jobs. You will be able to pick and choose where you want to work, how hard you want to work, and how much you get paid for doing this. It doesn't happen overnight, but networking for new jobs is easy in health sciences.

Health Science is constantly changing. New technologies are being developed daily. New ways of doing things are encouraged and accepted. Thinking on your feet is a challenge that once mastered, will get you to the top of the ladder.

Job stability is a given. Once you have a job in a major hospital or clinic, keeping down the overtime will be a constant challenge. There are always empty shifts to fill, people go on vacation, take days off, and go back to school to learn. The patients seem to always be there.

Versatility is constantly available. If you don't like nursing, then switch to pharmacy, or even a different area of nursing. There are many jobs available that don't require direct patient contact. Research jobs are available. Computer science is getting married to health care field and thousands of computer savvy people are also needed.

Some health care jobs are very much like being a detective. It's not always easy to determine what is wrong with a patient. It's sometimes difficult to figure out the best avenue of treatment for individuals. Sometimes it's a complete mystery to puzzle out! Medical investigators are needed to figure these things out.

Nursing, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology, Physical Therapy and other jobs are available right now. Pick one and get started! You'll be glad you did when you see the end result of your efforts. Saving a life is the greatest feeling in the world.


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