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Help wanted and found on Creeklife

NITEROI, BRAZIL - A man walks along the shoreline of Guanabara Bay near Rio de Janeiro.
NITEROI, BRAZIL - A man walks along the shoreline of Guanabara Bay near Rio de Janeiro.
Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Do you live in a messy home where you sometimes wish you had help keeping it clean and organized? Perhaps it is shared with others who do not care as much as you. Well, good news! There is a website where you can advertise your help wanted needs and raise money for whatever projects you have in mind.

It is called and it allows you to identify, report, raise funds, and learn about environmental issues near you. Oh, I was not talking about your personal home; I was talking about our one and only planet, earth. It gives us everything we need to survive. If we do not start giving back and taking care of it, we will only hurt ourselves in the end.

Therefore, if you find in your local community a beach that needs some attention or a park that you are hoping to restore, then go to this site. It can help you find people who are just as eager as you to make various places in Maryland beautiful and enjoyable once again.

Some future, local projects that have already been posted include:

- Bear Creek Park and Shore Cleanup on September 6th, 9am-2pm in Dundalk

- Fall Bread and Cheese Creek Cleanup on September 27th, 8am-2pm in Dundalk

If there is a place by you that you would like to see restored, go to the “Create Project” tab, sign up, and create an event to bring people together, like yourself, to make a difference. There are so many places around Maryland that were once enjoyable, but overtime its aesthetic value has declined from lack of upkeep and pollution. Announce that you would like to see it restored and I am sure you will find others who value their home just as much as you.

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