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Imagine a world more magical than Oz that lies beneath Tinseltown. A world dominated by the keen observer, the passionate feeler, and the unconventional members of society. Those who care about this earth's environment because something in their gut tell them it's in peril. Those who care about humanity because they feel it connected to it. In the Diadem World, those deemed ADHD, Asperger's, and social misfits of the world, known to some as Indigo children, are simply humans made of magic.

The Lost Heir is a Hollywood meets steampunk meets fantasy trilogy set in the fictional Los Angeles neighborhood, Culver Hills (based on Culver City, CA, The Heart of Screenland), and the magical Violet City just below it. It revolves around a secret world of underground Empaths and the violet fire that protects us all from evil, destruction and inhumanity.At the top of Culver Hills lies the Foxworthy Hotel, a beacon of Hollywood light, but little do people know that beneath the legendary hotel lies the hub of a vast world of Empath and magic. This hidden world can only be accessed the last two weeks of the year (Wintertide in the Empath World), and it is in this time that nearly fourteen-year-old Isabella Foxworthy has to restore its most important entity: The Violet Fire. If she does not succeed, not only will she possibly expire but the whole of Los Angeles will lose its human kindness.

Here is a taste of this cool new book:

Los Angeles, CA – Culver Hills – December, 2008

Fire licked the walls and formed a canopy above her head. Numb. Trapped. Their screaming burned in her ears as the earth shook and near-death coated her skin. The fire surrounded her on every side but did not touch her. It was as if she was controlling it herself, but that couldn’t be. She heard her mother and father’s screams over and over, but she could not do anything. Then the screams stopped. Terror climbed into her throat as a shadow moved towards her. She tried to breathe but couldn’t. The room grew darker as her body weakened.

“Come on. I’ve got you,” the man said as her knees buckled, and she grabbed his shirt. “I’ve got you. You’re a light in this darkness. You’re safe.” The trembling in the ground stopped but the fire continued.

Enveloped in a warmth different from the conflagration, eight-year-old Isabella collapsed. Encrypted in the man’s arms, her terror melted into peace as she was taken from the house into the cool night. Her eyes opened to an oddly purple sky, and she noticed a light glowing around them not unlike the vicious flames of the fire. Blood red and black. A foreboding fear encircled her heart. Then her savior mumbled something and the light turned to a silvery blue.

“Give her to me,” another man said.

“The violet fire will protect her until she turns fourteen.”

“Yes,” said the other man. “The last diadem child.” She felt a gentle caress on her cheek and a rush of coolness pour through her body. “Take her up to the hotel. I’ll be watching.”

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