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Help The Growing Project plant an orchard in Fort Collins

Help bring local, fresh food to those in need!
Help bring local, fresh food to those in need!

The Growing Project (TGP) and Mulberry Community Gardens (MCG) promote a diverse, just local food system to Northern Colorado residents through direct agricultural experiences and education. They address local food security issues by: Connecting members of the community to their food system; offering food, nutrition, agriculture and self-sufficiency classes; and increasing the supply of fresh local produce. (In 2009, TGP donated approximately a thousand pounds of fresh produce to the Food Bank. The goal for 2010 is 10,000 pounds.)

The Growing Project has three programs: MCG, Garden Time and the Glean Team. MCG is a free, shared-space community garden open to our low-income neighborhood residents, students and other community members as space permits. Garden Time is a horticultural therapy and gardening program at a residential treatment facility for youth ages 10-18. The Glean Team is dedicated to harvesting and donating food from local farms that would otherwise go to waste.

Currently, The Growing Project is competing in the Communities Take Root contest sponsored by Dreyer's Fruit Bars. If they win, the organization will receive a complete fruit orchard provided by Dreyer's and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. However, the Growing Project needs YOUR HELP to reap the rewards of their very own fresh fruit supply.

The orchard will contribute to food security in Fort Collins by expanding the physical and biological classroom through which TGP connects people to their local food sources, to community history and to engagement in stewardship of local resources. It will also provide delicious and nutritious fruit for the community.


TGP foresees providing fruit for the local community through TGP's programs, the local programs of the Empire Grange and the Food Bank of Larimer County, and by involving the local residents of the adjacent neighborhood in picking, eating and distributing the fruit.

Remember: You can vote one time each day—and every day—until the voting ends on August 31 at 11:59 PST. 5 winners will be announced the first of each month, May 1 through Sept 1!


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