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Help Tesla Survive


Tesla is a cat. This is a personal crowdfunding project to help the owners pay for medical care. Their goal is $1, 200.

Here is the owners story in her own words:

I live in a small apartment and I often take Tesla for car rides to get her out of the apartment. Tonight we were returning from town and I had the rear window cracked for the fresh air. She likes sticking her nose in the wind and smelling EVERYTHING. Tesla has never even remotely tried to escape the car, even when I open the doors I have to fetch her. Tonight, however, she squeezed through the window and jumped for an embankment on the side of my driveway. I don't know how but she must have lost her footing and rolled back underneath the car and was rolled over by the rear tire.
I rushed her to the hospital and she arrived in critical condition. She has been stabilized but remains in the hospital on oxygen due to damaged lungs. No broken bones, thank God. But both lungs are heavily bruised and they suspect a liver issue.
I'm looking for help towards paying for the medical bills for Tesla. She is at the REACH Animal Hospital in Asheville, NC.

They offer magnets, and thank you letters with photos as rewards/perks.