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Help students catch a break by June 30th

Maria Howell is taking her support of Students Without Mothers to another level.  Help her to help others by June 30th
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Many know the importance of catching a break. It can be a break for lunch, a break from the usual routine, a break from reality (in the form of a vacation or something of a similar nature). All of us enjoy a break from time to time.

The same goes for students, and not just the usual spring, summer, fall, or winter break. Sometimes, students need opportunities to lean in their favor or catch a break in their direction. When this happens, the potential for peace of mind, ranging from financial to other forms of support, is limitless.

For the entire month of June, the area nonprofit Students Without Mothers is taking on an ambitious fundraising goal to support students who are a part of their programs. Through the end of the month (June 30th), a major push is taking place from one of their key board members and supporters, Maria Howell.

The nonprofit's target audience is to help high school students who are without their mothers due to death or other unfortunate circumstances. Through their programs ranging from scholarships, life coaching, and other forms of support, their target audience is able to access the resources needed that are grounded in empowerment of themselves and being improved positive agents of change in their immediate and interlocking communities.

Howell, an Atlanta-based actor, singer, and voice-over artist, serves as one of the foundation's key supporters, including serving on the foundation's board. During the month, she is taking her support (as well as other members of the board) to a higher and much-needed level. For every donation made by June 30th, if donors list her name as way in which they hear about the campaign, she is making sure to up the ante' by providing a match.

"All you need to do is visit the site and donate; simply mention my name as how you heard it (by filling in the information under the "referred by" section), and I will match each donation dollar for dollar up to $1000", notes Howell.

Donations can be virtually any amount, starting at $5 per donor. Combined with the match along with the support of others, the students are in a position to receive the scholarship and related financial support needed for access to higher education and beyond.

Higher education, along with professional and personal support, is something any individual and collective can benefit from. When you juxtapose it with young people who are without a guiding parental presence such as is the case of students who are without their mothers, the level of impact, importance, and relevance increases exponentially. Before the forthcoming date of June 30th, keep in mind some wonderful young people who may be in need of a break.

Consider students without mothers, and help provide them with the assistance they need before the month comes to an end.

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