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Help stop childhood cancer

Help fight childhood cancer.
Help fight childhood cancer.

September is childhood cancer awareness month. Childhood cancer is often overlooked by other types of cancer, however, cases are increasing daily. No child should have to battle cancer, and hopefully one day, cases will be decreasing.

Although rare, childhood cancer is the leading cause of death among children between ages 1-9. Leukemia, brain, nervous system, lymphoma and bone cancer are the leading types in children. Survival rates have been improving for certain types of cancer, but very serious types the survival rate is a matter of months.

The exact cause of childhood cancer is unknown. Unlike some adult cancer, children are not exposed to environmental factors to make that the reason. Genetic mutation is the best answer that cancer researchers can conclude as of right now.

Like other cancers, childhood cancer isn't disappearing although medical research and science have been improving survival rates. Children who have had cancer are also more likely to have other medical problems as a result of the treatment. Cancer takes so much from the body and trying to get rid of it does even more harm.

Please consider donating not only financially, but also time and goods in awareness of childhood cancer. Many facilities need volunteers, toys, books and stuffed animals to assist children undergo treatments. Talk to others about childhood cancer to give it the attention it deserves. Cancer needs to stop robbing families of loved ones - especially those precious little ones.

Get Well Gabby - - is an excellent contact and place to learn how to help in the fight for cancer. Gabby was a little girl who passed away from cancer at age 5 in 2011. Her parents founded Get Well Gabby to help raise awareness.

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