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Help sought for terribly neglected dog who was found by good Samaritan

Melrose Park Neglected Dogs

An independent rescuer in Texas is trying to help a badly neglected dog who was discovered late last week in the Houston, Texas, area by a good Samaritan. The dog, dubbed "Rudy," is emaciated and missing much of his fur.

Rudy scratches constantly because he has so many heart-worms that the larvae have reached his skin and they cause him constant irritation. The parasites are not Rudy's only maladies...he is also plagued with eye, ear and skin infections.

Amazingly, though Rudy, who also happens to be blind and hearing impaired, was picked up as a "stray," he has an owner. That person had placed an ad for a lost dog and Rudy's care-providers have spoken to them...the individual admitted that Rudy spends most of his time outside because he runs into furniture inside of the home.

After the woman was told that Rudy was at the veterinarian, receiving care, she disappeared.

Now, the Melrose Park area rescuer is not only trying to pay for all of Rudy's veterinary expenses, but she is trying to find a true rescue organization to take Rudy under their wing because his needs are beyond what she is able to provide.

Please take a moment to network the following information for Rudy:

  • Rudy's age estimated between 5-8 yrs
  • Strong heartworm positive
  • Blind and hearing impaired
  • Receiving care at: Abbotts Animal Hospital (RUDY) at 281-893-5000
  • Rescues who can help can call: 832-538-3699
  • Facebook thread for Rudy here

Note: Animal control has been notified and an investigation into Rudy's neglect is underway

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