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Help! Save this Santa Fe landscape from becoming a strip-mining operation

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So a few people can profit, this beautiful historic and cultural treasure of a mesa will be leveled by a strip mining operation and turned into a gravel pit, and forever more, the bright lights, trucks, dust, and ugliness of a pit mine will be what greets people at the entrance to Santa Fe. The water it takes to operate the mine and keep the dust contained could mean that there isn't enough water for Santa Fe county residents in the future. This historic landscape, integral to Santa Fe's image, and the kind of view that visitors are coming here for, will be permanently destroyed by this shortsighted greed-fueled plan to level La Bajada mesa. It's not too late to save it, but time is of the essence! Now it's crucial that people sign the petition and email the group making this decision, and all the information to make your voice heard by the right people is at The public meeting has been postponed to March 20th; it makes a big difference to the outcome when people show up in person to protest, details at