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Help “Save the Chimps” enrich the lives of rescued Chimpanzees

Dr. Noon's dream inspired her to found the Save the Chimps foundation which has rescued Chimps from human cruelty
Dr. Noon's dream inspired her to found the Save the Chimps foundation which has rescued Chimps from human cruelty
Save the Chimps,

Dr. Jane Goodall, world renowned primatologist, once said “Only if we understand can we care, only if we care we will help, only if we help shall they be saved.” Primates, such as Chimpanzees, have suffered unimaginable cruelty in the hands of the human race.

It is truly frightening that the human race, the most intelligent creation on planet earth, capable of amazing characteristics such as empathy and reasoning, with the ability to contemplate on the consequences of their actions, often times chooses to be so incredibly cruel, destructive, and apathetic.

Many scientists believe in evolution, thus it is truly shocking and rather difficult to understand why they would choose to perform the most horrifying experiments for the sake of medical research on chimpanzees, said to have 98.6% similar DNA to humans.

For those of us who believe in Creation, it is even more shocking that there are some individuals who claim to believe in God and yet cause pain and suffering to marvelous, beautiful and intelligent, creatures whose lives belong to the Creator.

No matter what our beliefs are, one thing is certain, it is our responsibility as an intelligent race to protect the planet that has been put in our care, protecting the life of animals is part of that responsibility.

Just as there are cruel and heartless individuals, there are also those who are trying to correct the mess that has been caused by poachers, research scientists, and the exotic trade of apes. Remarkable human beings such as Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. Carole Noon, and members and volunteers of NAPSA (The North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance) have put their lives work into saving and protecting the lives of captive and wild apes.

Dr. Carol Noon, late founder of “Save the Chimps”, started the non-profit organization in 1997. Her dream was to rescue chimps from research laboratories and the entertainment and pet trade, and provide them with a permanent sanctuary where they would be free from pain and torture and where they could live the rest of their lives in contentment and peace.

She achieved just that. “Save the Chimps” has saved and enriched the lives of countless Chimpanzees, rescued from Air Force laboratories, research facilities, and the pet trade.

Dr. Jane Goodall described her to having “such determination, and above all, such a love for chimpanzees.” Dr. Carol Noon passed away on May 2009 of pancreatic cancer but her life’s work and her dream lives on. “Save the Chimps” continues to make a lasting impact in the lives of Chimpanzees who have been victims of human cruelty.

At “Save the Chimps,” 250 Chimpanzees roam free on 12 separate 3-acre islands. There, they can feel the sun and warm breeze on their face, climb trees, roam the tall hillside grasses, and enjoy each other’s companionship. They take pleasure in eating 3 fresh meals a day, bananas, dried fruit, oat meal, and so many other healthy foods, and play countless of hours in a trouble-free and peaceful sanctuary.

“Save the Chimps” is a non-profit organization and runs on the heartfelt donations of generous and caring individuals. Your support makes it possible to provide the Chimps with fresh meals, medical care, maintaining the island habitat, and providing enriching activities to keep life interesting and fun for the Chimps.

Just as Dr. Goodall believes, if we understand that what humans are doing to animals is wrong, if you understand that the right thing to do is to be part of the solution, if that understanding compels you to care and to empathize with these beautiful creatures, than you will also be moved to help and in doing so you can be part of this important life saving effort.

If making a donation, even if it is a small one, can help “Save the Chimps” to provide rescued Chimpanzees with loving care and enrichment and if your support can aid the organization to continue to advocate for the retirement and release of Chimpanzees being held captive in filthy tiny cages within government and private research facilities, than isn’t it more than worthwhile to take a few seconds to visit the Save the Chimps website and donate?

We are intelligent individuals, we have the ability to meditate how our actions are affecting the planet and all of the life forms with which we share the earth, please make the decision today to make a positive mark on this beautiful earth.

For more Information on how to contribute to Save the Chimps, the Jane Goodall Institute and NAPSA please follow the links provided below:

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