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Help save legendary Neve console used by rock stars at Seattle recording studio

London Bridge studio owners Jonathan Plum, Eric Lilavois, Geoff Ott at the Neve
London Bridge studio owners Jonathan Plum, Eric Lilavois, Geoff Ott at the Neve
London Bridge Studios

Seattle’s London Bridge recording studio is asking for your help to preserve an iconic piece of music history. They are restoring their 1973 Vintage Neve 8048 mixing board, and a fundraiser has been set up on for this purpose. Donations will help to ensure that this legendary console serves the next generation of artists. The campaign, which is hoping to raise $75,000 ends on April 19, 2014.

Many legendary artists have recorded on this console, including: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Temple Of The Dog, Mother Love Bone, Blind Melon, Candlebox, and 3 Doors Down. In more recent years, Fleet Foxes, Minus the Bear, Death Cab for Cutie, Mary Lambert, Cat Power, Brandi Carlile, and One Republic have also recorded with it.

The campaign has raised almost $11,000, and offers many prizes for different donation levels, from $10 up to thousands. Prizes range from a twitter shout-out, t-shirts, free tours, signed LPs and drumheads, studio time, and even your name engraved on the refurbished Neve.

(Watch this video of owners talking about the console)

“The Neve needs to be completely refurbished to be accessible to the music community for another 40 years,” studio representative Kershona Mayo wrote us. “Over 2500 hours were dedicated to hand-wiring and fabricating the Neve Mixing Board, built in a way that is deemed too expensive in this digital age.”

Remember the film "Sound City" by Dave Grohl? (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) That's the idea here. Grohl recently produced the movie “Sound City” about the history behind the California studio Nirvana used to record in. He was inspired to make the film after purchasing many items from that studio--including their Neve.

He is behind this project 100%, saying, “You know, it's the difference between listening to an old record on an old stereo versus listening to something off of your iPod. It really suits rock 'n' roll. I think musicians like me are drawn to those older desks, not just because they're legend and lore but also because they do something really specific that is hard to emulate or re-create digitally."

Ms. Mayo continued, “London Bridge Studio owners Eric Lilavois, Geoff Ott, and Jonathan Plum, have seriously weighed and discussed fervently their options for the Neve; the studio needs some help in keeping its big heart beating.”

Eric Lilavois said, “We came to the consensus that the Neve was simply too important to the Seattle music community to replace it. Rather than raise our studio rates and make the studio inaccessible to the local and global music community, we're inviting those interested in preserving this rich history to take part in the restoration and help ensure this board's accessibility for another 40 years."

Jonathon Plum added, “The board is so warm sounding, it’s just built to make music. There are but a few left in the US.”

Geoff Ott said, “We’re asking our community for support. The importance of the Neve and its historical significance can provide opportunities for generations of artists to come.”

The fundraiser has 25 days remaining. Click here to donate and become part of Seattle’s iconic music history.

Unlike Kickstarter, all donations will go to the studio even if their goal is not reached. London Bridge Studios is located at 20021 Ballinger Way NE, Shoreline, WA 98155, and can be reached at (206) 364-1525.

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